Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

World of Love - Peace

Getting kind of nostalgic lately.  When I first started collecting dolls (over 30+ years ago), I focused on 
dolls from the 50's.  For some reason I wouldn't buy Barbie. When I went to garage sales,(remember this was the time before E-bay and the internet), I would try and find something unique. Something different, as long as it wasn't a Barbie. I did buy one Barbie which was a bubblecut, but she was the only one. 
Thought I would post some of the dolls I purchased years ago before I started collecting fashion dolls. 
The doll pictured is:

World of Love 
9 inches tall
Original outfit. (I have her box somewhere)
She is marked on her backside.
US Pat Pend.
On her shirt there is a cloth label that reads
World of Love
By Hasbro 
Made in Hong Kong.
There were 6 dolls in the series.
Love, Flower, Peace, Soul (AA), Music and Adam (male) 


  1. I had Adam, Peace, and Flower many years ago. My sister had Love. Today, I only have the Love doll, in poor condition. (My Peace and Flower were stolen when I left them out overnight. Sigh. Always regretted that.)

  2. When these dolls came out, I was just out of High School and really not thinking about dolls yet.