Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small Items for Displays

On Monday, I stopped at the Thrift Store and picked up some items.  I could use your help 
in deciding what I should do with them. 
I put Kelly in the picture to show you the size of the items. 
The furniture is made from wood  Most likely from a doll house. 
The hope chest lid opens.  The dresser drawers and door opens. 
Should I paint these?  What color? 
The books in the bookcase do not come out. 

This piece I found all by itself. 
Salad Bar cart. 
Any ideas on how to use it in a display?
Found these pieces in the bag with the furniture. 
The blue open book, the apple and the globe are plastic. 
The rolled newspaper and bell are wood. 
I probably would use these in a school room display.

The blue plate is plastic.  All the other pieces are wood. 
The toast is removable from the toaster. The yellow item is
most likely a radio.  The blue box has the word Salz on it. 
In German, it is the word for salt.  So I am thinking all the wooden 
items were made in Germany.
There is a white bowl with fruit in it.  Took me some time to 
figure out what it was.  Then realized the brown colored item in the bowl
were supposed to be a bunch of bananas. 
Most likely a kitchen display for these items.

The first bottle is a shampoo bottle.
Next is a wine bottle. The third bottle is plastic. The last 
says Cola on it. 
In the back row, wood flower pot with overgrown flower which is not removable. 
Then I think the next item is an old-fashioned chamber pot. (top is removable)
There is a red canister with removable top.  Then 3 miscellaneous items.
Everything but the one plastic bottle is wood. 

Last of the items in the bag. 
Plastic items - pet food dish and teddy bear next to it. 
Everything else is wood. 
Red rectangular item says comics. 
Tooth paste tube with two brushes. 
Red and blue item is a toy car. 
Two different types of candlesticks. 
Two wooden clothespins 
Another teddy bear and last a scrub brush with real bristles. 
Any ideas I could use these items in displays would greatly be appreciated. 


  1. You've posed quite the challenge. Question - Do you do full room dioramas? Do they stay up, like in a bookcase? The first items are pretty easy. Definitely could be used in a cute little Kelly room. Painted for sure. The color would depend on the overall look you want to achieve. White is usually a safe bet. What ever color you would use for the bed linens could be used to accent the furniture. For the dresser you could a piece of the bed fabric on top of the dresser. You could also use the same fabric for the top of the trunk. I would cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the top of the trunk. Put a little piece of batting or thin foam, cover it with the fabric, then glue it down to the top of the trunk. Whatever colors are in the fabric, you could paint the interior of the bookcase that color, leave the outside white. If the fabric has multiple colors, you could paint the interiors of the shelf a different color. The handles on the dresser could also be painted a color.

    As for the rest of the items, I personally would use them as needed for different dioramas. If I think of something else, I'll get back to you.

  2. Thanks so much Vanessa for your ideas. This project is going to take some time. At least I can start to paint the furniture. I still have to look at furniture and other things I might have stored away that can go in a Kelly room.

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  4. I agree with Vanessa, the furniture shoule be painted white. It will give you more options. I see the cart in a collection of toys in a schoolroom... maybe painted too. The other things you will use as needed them as along as you remember what they are and where they are.