Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Monday, March 14, 2011

Liv - Twist and Dance

Yesterday morning I went to a rummage sale, finding nothing there I thought I would just stop
at Walmart.  Going down the 1st doll aisle, there were no new Barbies, no new Monster High, no new Moxie Teenz, I thought I was safe.  Turned the corner to the next aisle which has Baby dolls, Littlest Pet Shop, there 
on the shelf, I saw them, Twist and Dance Liv Dolls. Here Walmart gets these new Liv Dolls (which I haven't heard anything about till I saw them) and they don't even have the new Barbie Basics. Go figure. 
I started looking at them and they reminded me of something familiar.  They have a twist wig, 2 styles in one. 
Tuesday and Tiffany Taylor, Barbie Jam 'n Glam?
  More makeup than usual,  (a heart, some lines, more eyeshadow)
Jem and Barbie and the Rockers?
They dance (There is a plastic piece which their legs are put into and a lever that makes their bodies move)
Vintage Live Action PJ and friends?
On the back of the box, there is a male doll named Chase. (Not on the website or at Walmart yet) 
What do you think?

I had a few dollars left in my doll money stash (which I was saving for Barbie Basics No. 2) but decided to purchase Sophie and Hayden.  
Twist and Dance 
Spin Master 
Made in China

To see all 5 girls go to:


  1. I saw these today! Great timing, hmmm?

  2. Did you see Chase, the male doll?

  3. Alas, no, I did not see Chase.

    However, on there is a real life photo of Jake from the Waves series. He doesn't look like the promo photo. If only his head weren't so big. Sigh. I might get him ....

    Thinking, thinking, thinking ....