Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Molly McIntire 
American Girl 
Pleasant Company 

18 inches tall 
Molly portrayed a girl from the 1940's 
Marked on head:
Pleasant Company
Glasses are original to the doll.
Dress is not original. 
Dress has a pink Barbie Label. 
It is from the large size Holiday Kelly. 
Thrift Store find.


  1. Molly! Wow! Lo-o-o-ove the glasses. Are you broke, yet, from all these thrift store finds?? :)

  2. Thanks Aunt Lou, Not yet, would be if I collected Fashion Royalty or BJD's. I am limiting my buying to just really great deals now. Too many dolls, need to start selling some.

  3. Wow, they must have taken good care of her for the glasses to be intact like that.

    Frannie did you know that the pop up comment window isn't working properly? I switched to the "embed below post" option, otherwise people cant subscribe to the post.

  4. Hello from Spain: Molly is very cute. It has a beautiful clothes. I also take your blog to congratulate Cecile's Birthday (Chynadoll Creations). What is original and beautiful video you did. We also congratulate you for your work. Keep in touch

  5. Nice! I've never seen an American Girl doll in the thrift store before.

  6. Thanks, Hey It's Muff. She had a few marks on her and her hair is a bit messed. But for the price she was a great deal. Also thanks for letting me know about comments window.

    Marta, Thanks, loved doing the Video for Chynadoll.

    Vanessa, This was the first time I have seen an American Girl doll at the Thrift Store. They were just putting her out so I snatched her up. She wouldn't have been there very long. Most of the time I see either Battat Dolls, or Our Generation dolls.