Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fashion Doll Furniture

Yesterday when I went to the 
Thrift Store I found a bag of 
Fashion Doll Furniture. 
Couldn't really tell what was in 
the bag, but for $2.93 how can
you go wrong. 
Most of the pieces are marked Goldlok Toys, 
Made in China. 
One of the pieces is marked 2002, others 
2004 and some not at all. 
From what I can find on the internet, 
Goldlok Toys still makes the doll furniture.
I have never seen the doll furniture sold in my area. 
Can't tell which if any retail stores carry the
items.  Some of the furniture can be 
found on Amazon, E-Bay and other sites. 
You can go to the Goldlok Toys website 
to see what pieces of furniture they manufacture. 

 Living room wall. 
Fireplace lights up and there is a button on the side
to control the crackling sound of the fire.

 This was part of a kitchen island. 
Drawers do not open.
Part of the bedroom set.
 Doors and drawers open 

 Display cabinet. Missing the 5 perfume bottles 
that belong on the middle shelf. 
Press the button on the phone and the phone 
rings and the crystal like animals light up. The 
middle animal spins around if you move the dial. 

 Not sure if this is made by Goldlok.  I can just 
picture this holding a small vase or statue. 

 Grandfather Clock.
Shower, missing the tub. 

The furniture manufactured by Goldlok, now 
comes in pink. :(


  1. There are some really nice pieces in there, I especially like the grandfather clock and pedestal. What a great find!! I've never seen them in any stores around here either.

    Too bad everything they make now is pink, little girls can have their toys in any color they want, as long as it's pink. I see a lot of parents complain about this but I think toy companies do it because their research shows girls consistently list pink and purple as their top favorite colors, so they think that's what they need to make.

  2. Thanks Kristi, They make some really interesting furniture and accessories. They also make fashion clone dolls with some accessories. I do like the blue much better than the pink they have now.

  3. Cool find - not in hot pink! :) I'm in a silly mood, can you tell? I think you will have fun with these. I read, somewhere, about painting plastic doll furniture. It might have been in an old Barbie Bazaar that I picked up at a doll show. With that in mind, I bought some pink furniture at a flea market. It is still in a box in the basement...

  4. Thanks AuntLou, I am with you on the Hot Pink. I have painted some furniture with Cecile from Chynadoll Creations and Anika from Dollz4Moi. It's not hard. If you have an all pink piece you can spray paint it. If it has two colors you can use acrylic paint and brush it on. Usually you need to give it more than one or two coats. I am all thumbs and I was able to do it. Why not give it a try. Any questions I will try to answer but I know Cecile and Anika will most likely have the answer.

  5. $3! Now you are talking my kind of money. And they all look so great too. The stuff in my thrift stores is almost retail prices. *sad face*

    1. Thanks Hey, It's Muff, This is the kind of stuff I love to find. My price range also! Can't wait till the garage sales start! Other places to find thing.
      The Thrift Store drives me crazy, sometimes they put ridiculous prices on stuff that they think are worth more. I think sometimes they use E-Bay to see what people are asking for thing.

  6. Great finds Frannie and really nice price.

    1. Thanks Georgia Girl, Sometimes you can get stuff at reasonable prices other times you wonder where they get a price from.. For example, one day they had a Barbie made in China, played with in a gown which was not her original for 8.95. A lot of the regulars are complaining that their prices are getting out of hand.

  7. There are some really nice pieces there. I really like the wall and the kitchen island, too. It really would be interesting to sit in a focus group with little girls to see what color furniture they like. Hearing about the purple and pink brought back memories of my favorite sweatsuit when I was 11 yrs old. I can still see it now. Maybe they should alternate between pinks and creams with the furniture. I think Mary Kate and Ashley furniture was a lot more palatable in color when it was out. I miss that line.

    1. Thanks Vanessa, Great idea. I wonder what a focus group of little girls would say. At least the Monster High furniture is not pink. LOL. Haven't seen any of the Mary Kate and Ashley furniture around. Garage Sales will be starting soon, will have to keep my eyes open for that.

  8. Great find! The postament belongs to the living room wall unit. It was topped with a pink flower pot. There was also a pink recliner chair in this set and it came with a row of books and a clock sitting on top of the mantle.

  9. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the new furniture. I like the fireplace and the old clock. I have the same part of the blue kitchen. When I bought 4 years ago, came on your side and the kitchen with the oven too blue. I used them in a diorama. Keep in touch.


    1. Thanks Marta, I really like this furniture. I wish I could find more furniture in other colors than pink.

    2. Hi, Great finds! I collect dolls and play sets as well. I had read in an old doll magazine once that the reason why a lot of these doll play sets are in pink and purple is because these certain colors tend to not fade as quickly over time as others colors will. :)

    3. Thanks for the info on the colors of the furniture. I would have never thought that was the reason. I like the various different colors they are using now like Teal and Gold.

  10. Wow Frannie, you found some great furniture. You can really do alot with them too.

    1. Thanks Brini, I saw my MH dolls eying this furniture for their own use. LOL

  11. Hi Frannie! I found some of those playsets at Big Lots! I like the wall that has the fireplace and - did you notice the wall safe behind the "artwork"? Talk about cute.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks D7ana for the information about Big Lots. I saw the wall safe behind the picture. Very different!

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