Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hamilton Toys - Candi

This is another one of the dolls I purchased in 
a group from E-Bay. 
She has a wrist tag that says the Weekender.
Not sure if that is correct, 
can't find anything on the 
Most likely not her original outfit. 
She is marked on her head and back 
Hamilton Toys 
I think she may be a Candi doll.
Any information would greatly be appreciated.


  1. She looks like a Candi dolls, but I don't have any info. I like her. She's a little unique.

  2. Thanks Vanessa, that's why I bid on this group of dolls. They were different than what I had.

  3. Oh, yes! There were two Weekender Candis in 2002: one red-haired Israeli face-mold and one honey-streaked with the African American Candi face-mold. She had a neat wardrobe. I can find more information when I get home.

    Check this link Candi for Toy Fair photos. I have some info on my blog for other links.

  4. Thank you so much D7ana. Will check them out!

  5. You are welcome, Frannie. My pleasure.

    That is NOT her original outfit, as you will see on the Toy Fair page. - Although it is a very nice outfit ;-) My guess is that the v-neck sweater originally belonged to a Fashion Fever Teresa. The skirt, I don't recognize.

    Also, she is a Hamilton/Integrity doll. My understanding is that Helene Hamilton designed the doll, which was produced by Integrity Toys. (Ms. Hamilton originally produced the dolls herself, then gave IT license to produce and to distribute the dolls. Jason Wu then came in and created some incredible dolls for the series.)

    Debbie of BDE has an article(s?) on the Candi dolls, too.

  6. Great info! Will check it out. Thanks again!