Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Barbie Basics - Red Collection

After going to the Flea Market, I thought I would stop at Target to pick up the other 
two Moxie Fairy Tale dolls. (They were on sale and it ended today). 
Went down the first doll aisle, and was amazed at all the new dolls they had.  Liv dolls(2 new series), Moxie Teenz (No Bijou),  A new series of  Moxie Girlz,(No Bria) and guess who's back?  Bratz dolls!  A few different ones, Jade, Cloe and Yasmin (No Sasha).  Besides getting Snow White and Rapunzel (the last ones there) I decided to pick up a Bratz  Cloe (Basic 10th Anniversary).  So I thought I would walk around to the Barbie Aisle, and there they were.  The Barbie Basics Red Collection - All 3 of them.  There weren't too many left so why not buy them all.  Never thought they would be there since this store never had any of the Barbie Basics Dolls.
Here they are:

No. 8 

No. 1

Mattel 2010 
Made in Indonesia


  1. Wow! Congats on your new Barbie Basics.

  2. Thanks Niel, I knew if I didn't get them all at once they wouldn't be there the next time I went.