Meeting New Friends

Meeting New Friends
Jaxson, Cloe, and Sophina

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Integrity Male Doll

Had a great day finding doll treasures even though it was dreary outside. 
No finds at the Flea Market, the weather scared most vendors away. 
Found this doll at the Thrift Store today. 
At first I thought he was Menelik made by Olmec, but when I got home and
looked at him closely I found he was marked
1996 Integrity Toys. 
Original outfit
I don't think he was ever played with since he still had 
the twist ties and plastic bar attached to his legs. 
Also the back of his shoes were dirty and there is a pink stain on his pants.
His box must have been damaged and someone took him out to save him. 
What's his name?   Is he dressed in a wedding outfit? 
Last question, is there anything I can use to get the pink stain out of his pants.


  1. He is Jordan from Janay and Jordan wedding set. This is one of the first Integrity doll sets. Prior doll were sold separately. I have the set. His outfit is nice but the Janay wedding gown is very beautiful! Be care with the legs. They tend to come off. You have a good find! It was worth the rain.

  2. Thanks Ms.Leo for the information. I wish the Janay doll was with him. It was worth the trip in the rain.

  3. Another great find. I remebered seeing that set, but I don't have any of the male integrity dolls from that time period. Thanks for the info Ms. Leo.

  4. Cool find, Frannie! I don't know offhand how to remove the pink stain from his satiny pants. Good luck getting it off though ;-D

  5. You might try soaking the pants in cold water and borax. If it doesn't work it at least won't harm the fabric.